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The Centre for Vision Research represents the Westmead arm of the Department of Clinical Ophthalmology & Eye Health at the University of Sydney.

Postgraduate training is offered to both medical and other graduates wishing to pursue PhD or Masters projects in clinical or epidemiological research, relating to ophthalmology. Most projects address visual impairment and the leading causes of blindness in Australia. Please note that we do not offer clinical training in Ophthalmology.

Research projects in fields allied to our key research areas, with primary supervision by members of other departments or institutions (e.g. public health, hearing, nutrition, genetic epidemiology) are also encouraged, using datasets from our population-based studies and from our other clinical projects or trials. Contact Professor Paul Mitchell for further information (please include a full CV).

A list of current and completed postgraduate students, and their topics, is shown below.

Laboratory based projects are not offered by the Centre for Vision Research at this time, but may be offered in the future. Queries regarding these should be directed to one of the other academic staff members in the Department of Ophthalmology & Eye Health, as shown: Contact Professor John McAvoy or Associate Professor Mark Gillies at the Save Sight Institute for further information.

Current departmental academic staff include:
Clinical staff
Dr John Grigg MBBS FRACS FRANZCO (Head of Department)
Professor Paul Mitchell MBBS MD PhD FRACS FRANZCO FRCOphth FAFPHM (Postgraduate Coordinator)
Dr Kathleen A McClellan MBBS PhD FRACS FRANZCO
Dr Mark Gillies MBBS PhD FRANZCO
Professor Peter McCluskey MD MBBS FRANZCO FRACS (Director, Save Sight Institute)

Laboratory staff (Save Sight Institute)
Professor John A McAvoy BSc PhD (Director, Laboratory Research)
Dr Michele Madigan BSc PhD (Postgraduate Coordinator)

For more information about studying at the University of Sydney see:
PG Research Studies Handbook
Faculty of Medicine
University of Sydney

Completed postgraduate students

  • Peteris Darzins, PhD Sunlight and age-related macular degeneration (University of Newcastle) 1994
  • Joanne Francis, MMed The relationship between retinopathy and mortality in a cohort of diabetic patients (University of Newcastle) 1994
  • Karin Attebo, PhD Vision and causes of visual loss in an Australian population 1996
  • Wayne Smith, PhD Risk factors for age-related maculopathy 1996
  • Sam Lertsumitkul, MPH Ethnicity and language: Risk factors for diabetic retinopathy? 1995
  • Paul R Healey, MMed Determinants of optic disc size in an older population 1995
  • Jie Jin Wang, MMed Symmetry of age-related maculopathy 1995
  • Anthony Yu, MPH Hypertensive retinopathy in a population 1996
  • Rebecca Ivers, MPH Lack of association between localised cataract and visual field loss 1996
  • Mark Goodrich, MPH Fibrinogen and other cardiovascular risk factors and cataract 1997
  • Xeuquin Uyu, MPH Predictors of vitamin supplement usage in an older population 1997
  • Chui Tsang, MPH Haematological indices in a population sample: Derivation of healthy reference ranges 1997
  • Ridia Lim, MPH Ocular associations with cataract 1997
  • Weining Li, MMed Prevalence and associations of retinal vascular signs in a population 1998
  • David Ng, MPH Smoking and age-related eye disease 1998
  • Neal Rowe, MPH Relationships between cataract, blood glucose and diabetes 1998
  • Leonard Ong, MPH Symmetry of optic disc characteristics in an older population 1998
  • Sarmila Pal, MPH Use of pap smear and mammography by older women in a population 1999
  • Thomas Woo, MPH Systematic review of the evidence for early worsening of diabetic retinopathy with intensive insulin treatment 1999
  • David Wigney, MAud The prevalence and audiological profile of tinnitus in the elderly 1999
  • Peter Hinchcliffe, MPH Ectropion in an older population 1999
  • Joanne Bantick, MNutr Folate intake in an older Australian population 1999
  • Cristina Cristoloveneau, MAud Video-otoscopic findings in an elderly population 1999
  • Jie Jin Wang, PhD Impact of visual impairment in older Australians 2000
  • Maciek Kuzniarz, MPH Associations between vitamin supplement use and cataract 2000
  • Weichun Tan, MPH Prevalence and determinants of asymmetric cataract 2000
  • Jagit Gilhotra, MPH Homonymous visual field defects and stroke in an older population 2000
  • Rebecca Ivers, PhD Visual impairment and the risk of falls and fractures in older Australians 2000
  • Krishna Tumuluri, MPH Cilioretinal arteries and open-angle glaucoma 2000
  • Jie Jin Wang, MApplStat Modelling categorical dependent variables: Comparison of different modelling approaches for self-rated health scores 2000
  • Krithy Pillay, MND The fatty acid dietary intake of an older Australian population 2000
  • Fiona Manzi, MND Carotenoid intake of an older Australian population 2000
  • Kristen Tregenza, MAud Effects of industrial exposure to solvents on hearing in elderly Australians 2000
  • Luisa Cikamatana, MScMed Diabetic and other retinopathy lesions in an older Australian population 2001
  • Alice Chang, MPH Prevalence of hyertension among older residents of the Blue Mountains 2001
  • Jerry Vongphanit, MMed Ocular effects and impact of myopia and astigmatism in an older population 2001
  • Sureka Thiagalingam, MPH Predictors of undercorrected refractive error in an older population 2001
  • Suriya Foran, PhD Visual impairment in older Australians: Incidence, causes and predictors 2001
  • Christine Younan, MMed Risk factors for the incidence of cataract and cataract surgery 2001
  • Ruwan Walpola, MPH Prevalence and associations with asteroid hyalosis in a population (UNSW) 2001
  • Magda Guzowski, MPH 5-year changes in spherical and astigmatic refractive error (UNSW) 2002
  • Brian Chua, MPH Effects of cataract type and location on visual function 2002
  • Michelle Hughan, MBBS(Hons) Prevalence of paraproteinaemia in older Australians 2003
  • Jai Panchepakasan, PhD Determinants of cataract progression 2003
  • Doungkamol Sindhusake, PhD Prevalence and risk factors for tinnitus in an older Australian population 2003
  • Nihal Omen, BApplSc(Hons) Phoria and refractive error in children 2003
  • Charles Hopley, MMed The economic impact of visual impairment from age-related macular degeneration 2003
  • Jeanette Jee, BAppSc(Hons) Prevalence of sensory impairment amongst older Australians being evaluated by Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) 2003
  • Harry Leung, MMed Epidemiology of retinal vessel wall signs in older Australians 2004
  • Andrew Chang, PhD Studies of indocyanine green in animal and human models 2004
  • Vicki Flood, PhD Folate, vitamin B12 and homocysteine status and determinants among older Australians 2004
  • Sonia Saxsena, MBBS(Hons) The impact of diabetes on the five year incidence of cataract and cataract surgery 2004
  • Sujatha Chandrasekaran, MPH Incident relationships between open-angle glaucoma, glaucoma risk factors and cataract: the Blue Mountains Eye Study (UNSW) 2004
  • Son Huynh, MClinEpi Comparison of keratometry using two instruments in primary school children 2004
  • Chet Pager, PhD Cataract and age-related maculopathy outcomes study 2005
  • Karina Gotyamanos, MBBS(Hons) Factors predicting overweight and obesity in The Blue Mountains Eye Study 2005
  • Tien Tay, MMed Sensory impairment in older persons and its impact on quality of life and the utilisation of health care and community support services 2005
  • David Hartley, PhD Aspects of hearing aid use in an elderly population 2005
  • Elvis Ojaimi, MMed The epidemiology of myopia in Sydney school children 2005
  • Thuan Q Pham, MMed Cataract surgery in patients with and without age-related macular degeneration 2005
  • Maryanne A Golding, PhD An epidemiological study of central auditory processing in the elderly 2005
  • Stuart Graham, PhD Objective perimetry in early detection of glaucoma 2005
  • Mai Quoc Tung, MAppSc Ethnicity and refractive error in children 2005
  • Anne Lee, PhD The development of glaucoma over 10 years in a community 2006
  • Dana Robaei, PhD Visual impairment in Australian children: Prevalence, causes and associations 2006
  • Xiu Ying Wang, PhD Optical coherence tomography in a cohort of Australian children 2006
  • Tim Roberts, MMed The role of nocturnal cardiovascular and respiratory changes in glaucomatous optic neuropathy 2006
  • Paul R Healey, PhD Studies of the optic disc in a population 2007
  • Sudha Cugati, PhD Retinal vascular and degenerative diseases: Long-term incidence, risk factors and impact 2008
  • Alan Barclay, PhD Glycemic load and other dietary risk factors for Type 2 diabetes in older Australians 2008
  • Jenny Ip, PhD Ocular biometry and refraction in Australian school children: Familial and environmental associations 2008
  • Gerald Liew, PhD Systemic associations with retinal microvascular signs: a study of three older population samples 2008
  • Jennifer Tan, PhD Cardiovascular risk factors and nutrition and the incidence of macular degeneration and cataract 2009
  • Samantha Fraser-Bell, PhD Optical coherence tomography and other imaging techniques in the epidemiology of eye disease (UCLA and University of Sydney) 2010
  • Ee-Munn Chia, PhD Systemic, ocular and socio-demographic risk factors predicting 10-year development of eye disease and vision loss 2010
  • Shweta Kaushik, PhD Nutrition and ocular diseases in an older Australian cohort: The Blue Mountains Eye Study 2011
  • Son Huynh, PhD Optical coherence tomography norms in children and adolescents 2011
  • Chameen Samarawickrama, PhD The optic nerve head: morphology, measurement and assocations 2011
  • Michael Jones, PhD Mitochondrial DNA, age-related maculopathy and age-related hearing loss 2011
  • Amy Pai, PhD Long term evolution of age-related macular degeneration: A population-based study 2012
  • Gowri Kanthan, PhD Age-related cataract and cataract surgery in an older Australian population: Long-term incidence, risk factors, outcomes and costs 2012
  • Current students



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